David Dobrik gets NICOLE SCHERZINGER with hilarious LIVE SKUNK prank!

Jack Haines

Nicole Scherzinger got far more than she bargained for when she agreed to spend the day with David Dobrik in order to star in one of the Youtuber’s vlogs. In a new video titled “MAKING MY CHILDHOOD DREAMS COME TRUE” the forever rising Youtube sensation chats in his car with Pussycat Doll Nicole Scherzinger.

David Dobrik looking like a scared schoolboy as Nicole grabs his face

Dobrik giggles nervously as the singer serenades him in her regular sexy dominatrix leather, to the tune of the Pussycat Doll’s hit “Buttons.” But David gets his final laugh with what happens next as he tells Nicole he has a surprise for her. Nicole is then blindfolded and waits in anticipation for her “gift.” Finally, the 41 year old performer is asked whether she likes animals, and she answers with “I LOVE ANIMALS!”


The clueless Nicole Scherzinger is then presented with her “gift” which is a live skunk! The hilarious prank seemed to work perfectly as the video ends with a frantic, screaming Nicole! However, it was all taken well and no grudges were held as both posed for photographs afterwards.


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