Hypnotist Steals £1,000,000 worth of WATCHES by Hypnotising the SELLER.

Jack Haines

Mentalist/ Magician Ryan Tricks has managed to do what most could only dream about doing. He was able to steal £1,000,000 worth of watches from right under the sellers nose. This risky stunt was posted on his Youtube channel and now the sellers are threatening legal action against him for posting to his audience.

Ryan Tricks said : “I wanted to try and see if I could walk out of a jewellery shop with one of their most expensive watches using the skills I have learnt over the years.”

He then went on to say : ” I wasn’t expecting them to bring out a suitcase of watches worth over 1 MILLION POUNDS ! So I thought why not. I have no idea how long this video will be up for. “

In this image you can see the magician Ryan Tricks has successfully put the seller under a trance of hypnotism saying: “You are going to forget any of this happened and that you brought the watches in to show me”. Astonishingly the seller wakes up as if nothing has happened. If you are still sceptical about this watch how things escalate.

After Ryan Tricks successfully left the building, the sellers partner enters the room only to find out that their customer Ryan has made a get away with their £1,000,000 worth of watches. His partner starts to ask him frantically “Where have they gone?” and “Where are the watches”. But the seller could not for the life of him remember what had happened, and his partner was unaware of the hynostism that had taken place moments before he came in the room.

After Magician Ryan Tricks showed us how easy it was to use his talents for the wrong reasons, he proceeded to make his way back in to the building and reveal to the seller what had happened. The confusion between the pair was clear they had no idea. So Ryan began to explain to them the methods he used to get away with their £1,000,000 worth of watches.

Unfortunately for Ryan they are looking to take legal action against him for recording this video and posting it online. Do you think it is necessary for them to go this far? Have they forgiven Ryan for his actions?

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