There Is An Island You Can Visit Filled Rescued Puppies

Tristan Sonnekus


You thinking of going on a tropical holiday anytime soon? Well you can now visit an island filled with it’s owned rescued puppies.

We are normally not very fussed where we go away along as we can relax and soak up the well deserved Vitamin D. But if there is ever an option of going to a actual island with rescued puppies there while I stay, there is no question 99.99% of us will not hesitate to go there straight away.

There is a puppy rescue centre on the island of Providenciales, Turks and Caicos, where these beautiful dogs ‘Potcakes’ live. ‘Potcakes’ are mixed-breed of dogs that live in Bahamas.

A spokesperson for Potcake Place said: “We want to point out [this] is not an excursion. It’s not a day trip like a pony trekking trip … I want them [dogs] to start getting used to having a little collar on, a little harness, used to different people. So one day I want them out with a family with little kids. The next day, I want them out with a big guy.”

The organisation has been working every closely with vets to spay and neuter older dogs from preventing the population over growing.

They continued “There’s no need to put these little puppies down. Let’s adopt them out and let’s stop them being born in the first place, and it all comes down to education, and that’s what we’re trying to do every day.”

It is awfully sad that some dogs don’t have homes to go to. Luckily for these cute Potcakes they have been well looked after. Lets hope that these pooches get a home in the near future.

Now this is what you call a Dream holiday right? SIGN ME UP NOW & take my money…

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