Zoo Staff Left Horrified After Lioness ‘Eats’ Her Newborn Cubs

Jack Haines

A lioness gave birth to 2 cubs four days ago in a German zoo. this was a miracle moment for everyone witnessing it. It has been 15 years since the last birth of lion cubs.

Everyone was excited as they were gazing upon the next generation of lions for the Leipzig Zoo tourists to gawk at.

But things had quite a dramatic turn for the worse.

Credit: Leipzig Zoo/Facebook

According to the staff Kigali the lioness ate the cubs whole which came to a huge shock to everyone watching.

The Zoo have posted on Facebook explaining the situation that unfolded in the morning.

“Our two lion cubs are dead. We are shocked and sad. Until last night Kigali had done everything right and looked after her first offspring,” the statement read. 

“The lioness and her puppy evidently did well. Also in the evening hours yesterday, the inexperienced mother cared for her boys, before she suddenly ate the two young animals during grooming one after the other completely. 

“An autopsy and thus examination of the juveniles can not take place because of this.

Kigali had only given birth to the cubs four days ago. Credit: Leipzig Zoo/Facebook

“Kigali makes a calm impression today and had already eaten regularly during the day yesterday. She initially remains in the rear, before she leaves the mother’s room in the coming days and is re-socialized with the cat Majo.”

Now, if you are thinking that this would happen in the real world, actually it isn’t un common for this to happen in the wild.

Zoocheck Canada director Julie Woodyer told Big Cat Rescue: “I think it’s fair to say that in most cases of infanticide, it’s related to stressors, whether it’s in the wild or in captivity.

Credit: Leipzig Zoo/Facebook

“One of the primary reasons polar bears would kill their own cubs in the wild is because there isn’t enough food even for them to eat.

“Once you remove those stressors these problems shouldn’t exist, but they do because zoos have created different kinds of stressors for the animals because they haven’t evolved to cope in that small environment. Polar bears are wide ranging carnivores that don’t do well when you confine them.”

No doubt activists will use this as an example of why it is bad to keep wild animals in the zoo. However most animals that live in zoos are fed more than what they would in the wild.

it will be up to Leipzig Zoo to figure out what caused this to happen.

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