YouTuber Brooke Houts Amid facing Animal Abuse Charges

Jack Haines

YouTuber Brooke Houts has come under fire after accidentally uploading an un edited youtube video that shows footage of her beating her dog, and spiting in her pet dogs face.

credit: youtube

In the shocking footage you can see her pet dog jumping up at his owner while she’s trying film a video.

she appears to hit the dog and shout”NO!” before grabbing him and pinning him to the floor when he tries to do it again playfully, many believe Brooke spits in the dogs face which she strongly denies. PROOFS IN THE PUDDING.

Houts since then has released a statement claiming she is nor a ‘not a dog abuser or animal abuser in any way, shape or form’. But with in hours of the clip going viral it caught the attention of the LAPD’s Animal Cruelty Task Force which has said it is investigating what happened.

“LAPD is aware of this incident,” a representative for the police department told BuzzFeed News.

“Animal Cruelty is looking into this, and there is an open investigation.”

On Tuesday Houts released these statements trying justify her actions in the video, and explained how they are in the process of training the dog because he is still a puppy.

Explaining that she had been in the process of training her dog, in the statement she also said sorry to her pet for ‘acting aggressively’ and raising her voice.

Houts’ statement. Credit: Twitter
Houts’ statement. Credit: Twitter

However, Houts denied claims that she is an animal abuser. 

“I want to clarify that I am NOT a dog abuser or animal abuser in any way, shape or form,” she wrote.

“Anyone who has witnessed or heard true animal abuse will be able to clearly see that.”

Houts’ statement. Credit: Twitter
Houts’ statement. Credit: Twitter

Describing the many ways in which she ‘spoils’ herĀ dobermanĀ – giving him treats and ordering him toys – she continued: “In my heart and from the words of the people that spend the most time with me, I know that I am a great dog mom. However there are many people after watching the video will strongly disagree with that.

Animal rights organisation PETA also called on YouTube to remove Houts from the platform, adding: “DOGS DESERVE RESPECT. IF YOU CAN’T TREAT DOGS WITH KINDNESS AND INSTEAD HIT THEM, DON’T GET ONE. ATTN @YouTube: Please remove Brooke Houts from your platform.”

Even fellow disgraced YouTuber Logan Paul has waded in, writing: “I try my best to avoid slamming people on Twitter because I know what it’s like to be on the receiving end (and rightfully so), but this video of that girl hitting & spitting on her dog is remarkably grotesque, and irks me for many reasons.”

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