Living Hell: 25-Year-old man Trapped Inside 12-Year-Old Body

Jack Haines

A 25 year old man is living in hell on earth being stuck in a 12 year olds body. These are very rare cases to come across but not uncommon. Tomasz Nadolski, from Olesnica, Poland, suffers from a rare genetic condition known as Fabry disease, which affects his kidneys, heart and skin.

Credit: CEN

He said: “I am 25 years old and I would like to look like a man of my age. I hate this boy who I see every day in the mirror, because it is not me.”

At an early age Tomasz Nadolski began experiencing severe pain in his stomach, , hands and feet and was vomiting after every meal.

He recalled how his cruel classmates would say: “Skeletor, you’ve left Auschwitz!”

Credit: CEN

At first the doctors suggested that he was suffering with a mental illness rather than a physical one, so they sent him off and told him to eat more.

Tomasz said: “My parents were torn. They saw something going on, but they believed the doctors that I was mentally ill and that I should just eat more.”

This naturally effected his relationship with his family by his condition and how they could not get over his child like appearance.

Credit: CEN

He said: “When I’m at home, I’m just sitting in my room and spending my time alone. I feel lonely and I lack the support of my family and this is how it has been for many years. The disease has destroyed our family relationships.”

He said: “I often suffer sad situations. When I show the ID card in the office or if the police stop me, they accuse me of having a fake one.”

Tomasz  cannot not eat at all and is constantly hooked up to a drip for 20 hours of the day, to ensure he gets the needed nutrients to survive.

Credit: CEN

Tomasz has to to get shoes specially made for the deformity of his feet from his condition.

Tomasz added: “I feel pain in my joints, bones, muscles. Every inch of my body hurts me. I am not able to sleep and live normally.”

Marcin Godek, an orthopaedic technician, said: “Every step with bare feet gives him great pain. We try to relieve his feet as much as possible.”

And while Tomasz lives on benefits which are equivalent to £160 ($204) a month, the treatment for the disease costs £170,000 ($216,000) per year.

Thankfuly the company that provides the drug has said they will cover his medical bill for free.


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