Great white sharks go head to head a frenzied attack as divers watch in horror.

Jack Haines

The two sharks attacking one another. Credit: SWNS

Two great white sharks bite chunks out of each other in a ferocious attack all caught on camera. These incredible scenes were shown on National Geographic WILD’S show ‘Cannibal Sharks’ which investigates the rising reports of the apex predators preying on their own kind.

This image shows a 12-foot shark with 2 extremely large bites on the back and the belly. Footage like this is extremely rare, but professor Mark Meekan, from the Australian institute for marine science, that all sharks are cannibals – even fearsome great whites.

He said: “It’s not just one rogue shark attacking other sharks or even one species of shark attacking other sharks, it’s lots of different sharks turning on one another”.

Another carcass that has been pulled from the waters

More and more mutilated parts of sharks are being collected from out the ocean around the Australian Gold Coast.

Some have been so severely bitten, just the bloody severed heads of the shark were also being collected from the ocean.

“One the sharks had their head bitten off”. Credit: SWNS

Professor Meekan has an interesting theory about why the sharks are attacking one another, and he believes it’s to do with measure to keep the hungry predator away from swimmers.

Examining a photograph of the the shark with the large bites taken out of its centre, professor Meekan said: “This is an enormous shark. It’s 12-feet long but look at the size of that bite, it’s absolutely massive.”

He continued: “that an immense amount of power you need to take a bite out of another shark like that – you have to be pretty big yourself.

“If I was a betting man, I might even pick another great white shark for that one. These things are apex predator for good reason”

Credit: SWNS

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