Russian Simpsons title sequence to grim for TV

Jack Haines

This fan made Russian version of The Simpson’s title sequence sends chills down your spine.

When The Simpsons first aired it was a groundbreaking piece of subversive pop culture. But even in its peak the show never went as far as this fan’s depressing version of the programme’s intro, which sees the famous family’s iconic title sequence as downtrodden citizens in a rather depressing-looking Russia.

Thanks to its ongoing repeats on TV, The Simpsons intro is probably one of the most well-known TV title sequences of all time. This makes it a perfect subject for any fan-fiction parody, as viewers will be able to draw comparisons between imitations and the real deal.

This clip though, created by YouTube animator Lazy Square, takes things to a grim new level. Each scene of the title sequence is recreated, but everything’s off.

There are plenty of little details that will catch your eye and make you re-watch this video. For example Bart beating up a kid and stealing his skateboard in the beginning? And just where does Lisa disappear to in the end? As far as fan films go, this one shows immense creativity and well thought out.

Of corse viewers can watch this and believe the animator is trying to insinuate something a little deeper about the Eastern European culture but we’ll leave that for you.

Credit: Lazy Square, FOX

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