Amazon turns 25 years old today!

Jack Haines

For he’s a jolly good website… for he’s a jolly good website

On this date back in July 1994 Jeff Bezos officially started a company called Cadabra, inc. a shortened version of magics favourite tern ‘abracadabra’.

But no one recognised that name anymore because, the company’s first name didn’t last that long. In October that same year Bezos searched through the “A” section of his dictionary looking for an aye catching alternative, finally settling for a name that not only means the worlds largest rainforest and river but would also come to be known for the worlds largest online warehouse for online shopping, Amazon.

Bezos was smart and knew that he wanted his company to appear first on google listing so, choosing a company name starting with “A” is no doubt a key factor for the company’s success.

Over the next 25 years, Amazon would keep growing and innovating online shopping and dominating any competitor. The e-commerce behemoth we all know now has a market capitalisation of over $950 billion. That’s a lot of HDMI cables and phone cases.

Amazon never stopped at just online shopping, the company kept innovating and offering more and more to they’re customers: Amazon Prime, Prime Video, Amazon Echo range and even an affiliate program for anyone to get a chance to make they’re own millions.

Amazon is just a company that keeps giving and giving


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