Top 10 New iOS 13 features everyone is excited for

Jack Haines

iOS 13 is just around the corner, but why is everyone so exited?

On the 3rd of June Apple took Center stage once again from the San Jose Convention Center to announce their latest dramatic update to all iOS devices, iOS 13. Here are 10 new features worth getting excited for.

01- Dark mode

Adding dark mode to apps and computer interfaces seem to be the biggest craze when it comes to new and cool geeky things. Apple has jumped on the band wagon and given iOS 13 the ability to ‘go dark’. Completely changing the style of your phone, dark mode darkens the majority of your phones interface, from settings, notes, email and even your tedious notifications now pop in ‘dark’. Apple has even generously given us new wallpapers that ‘go dark’ when in dark mode, well done Apple.

02- Advanced photo and video editing

This update may not be for everyone but for those who are perfectionists when it comes to their selfie game, Apple has now updated their editing feature for photos and videos all built in to the photos app. Hoping to compete with 3rd party apps the new editing features lighting controls, contrast, hue and saturation, details and colour presets.

03- Refined image search

Smartphones have revolutionised the way we take and store photos, but this also means users have to sift through stacks of snaps to find that perfect picture they want to share with their friends.

This is where the all new Photos tab comes in. The tool has been completely redesigned with the help of machine-learning to intelligently hide similar photos. With less digital clutter kicking around on your device, your image library will be more straightforward to navigate.

04- Siri shortcuts

Siri is now more powerful than ever. Siri’s integration with the shortcuts app takes using your phone hands free to a whole new level.

05- Quick-path typing

It’s not new technology but… now Apple has it. That makes it new and we apple users love it. Swipe the keyboard to write. Wow who would have thought!

06- Memoji and messaging

Long gone are the Mii’s we all used to love on the Wii, and now long gone are the plain original emojis we all used to use, now our Animoji characters do all your favourite emoji poses.

07- Quick toolbar

Use the new quick toolbar to add times, dates, locations, flags, photos and scanned documents to your reminders.

08- Faster unlock

iOS 13 is even faster than iOS 12. For example, Face ID now unlocks up to 30 per cent faster.

09- Smart lists

Smart lists are more helpful, automatically organising your reminders and grouping them by Flagged, Scheduled and Today.

10- CarPlay

Introducing the all‑new CarPlay Dashboard for a simplified view of the road ahead.


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