Can you beat Googles AI by drawing a Penis?

Jack Haines

A simple website with one simple goal… this is gold!

I’m in my 20s and it didn’t seem that long ago we were all procrastinating in class drawing male reproductive organs on desks and in you mates class books. This website built with Google AI now encourages this. It’s called

Cleverly Created by Amsterdam-based studio Moniker with support from Mozilla, Do Not Draw A Penis is a witty drawing tool that kicks back against Google’s open-sourced Quickdraw data set. That’s because while the search engine’s self-described “world’s largest doodling data set” contains lots of family friendly sketches, there’s not a single penis to be found.

“This made us at Moniker think about the moral reality big tech companies are imposing on our global community and that most people willingly accept this,” says the studio on the Do Not Draw A Penis project page.

To combat this censorship, Do Not Draw A Penis has been collecting phallic doodles from rebellious users.


Heading to the site, you’ll be presented with a ready to draw blank canvas just waiting for you to doodle a masterpiece with the pencil tool. An ironic HAL 9000-sounding AI moderator will narrate your sketches and provide motivational support. If you draw, say, a house, the voice might encourage you by saying it’s a masterpiece full of potential.

But if you decide to ignore the websites name and draw a penis, a warning alert will flash up on screen and the eraser tool will automatically jump into action to erase out the offending art. The AI moderator even becomes more angry and chillingly observes, “we assume this was a mistake, sorry,” as it rubs out your doodle.

It’s a funny and effective way to show how websites can control what they deem to be appropriate and inappropriate, and so far the Do Not Draw A Penis project has collected more than ten thousand penis doodles.

We all know one Superbad character that would have a field day on this website

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